Wednesday, September 29, 2010

D-I-Y bow from shredded fabric

Now i want to give you a tutorial to make a bow from shreded fabric

you need :

shredded fabric from various pattern
(you can take it from fabric remnant, go request to a tailor ;D )

scissors, multifunction glue, ribbon

steps :
cut into a rectangular shape
(you can use 15x10 or up to you)

fold both of long side to the center

fold both of wide side
make sure one overlap the other side

turn the fabric into a good side
pinch the center side and make a wrinkle

roll the ribbon to hold the wrinkle
glue it at the back
(or you can stitch it like i do ;D)

you can make it in various size

or you can combine multiple bow and wear it as a brooch
 just add safety pin behind
or wear it as another fashion accessories

it's very simple, isn't it?
go get yours!
happy DIY-ing....


  1. waaa... ini keren sekali.. :-)

    salam kenal yaa..


  2. ehehehe
    saking jarang d kunjungi blognya, jadi gg nyadar ada yg komen

    thx anyway

    salam kenal juga ojan ;)