Wednesday, December 8, 2010

a magic works here

as my promise, here a post about PLAY MY MAGIC HAND

i think it isn't gonna be a long story

for a preface story, i tell you all that one of my hobby is BLOGWALKING 

And i often find an interesting sites, any kind of blog...

one of my "treasure" is a blog that brought me to FoodFezt yesterday afternoon

I came with my friend, a lil bit late, because rain.

then we grab the old T-Shirt, and i got a grey one. nice color :)

i will not give you the tutorial

you can download their digital booklet tutorial here 
and you also can download another craft tutorial. just go through their blog directly

and i decorate my bag with yo-yo puff from shredded fabrics (ooohh how i love fabrics)
go to this link to  make this yo-yo puff

here some of my yo-yo puff i've made

sorry for the lack of quality image

i'll update my T-Shirt bag soon. it's not finish yet rightnow

C U next post

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